TherapEase Cuisine

For cancer patients and their caregivers, TherapEase Cuisine answers the question, "What should I (or my loved one) be eating?" and offers scientifically based diet recommendations to help provide optimal nutrition throughout treatment and beyond. 



Our meal planning system features food recommendations based on your diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and unique preferences. Recommendations are designed to help you optimize your therapy by guiding you to eat in a way that is compatible with your drug treatment and other conditions.



A TherapEase Cuisine subscription gives you 24/7 online access to our program from any computer with an Internet connection and provides immediate, personalized recommendations. Our program enables you to receive sound nutritional advice and up-to-date educational information about cancer and nutrition, with ongoing, personalized support available. In addition, you will have online access to registered dietitians who specialize in oncology dietetics, helping you further meet your unique nutritional needs.



At TherapEase Cuisine, we strive to provide structured nutritional support in an easy, accessible, proactive, and empowering way to help you achieve optimal nutrition throughout your cancer treatment.